Online Consulting

In addition to office appointments, consultations with Dr. Staik are available online via Skype video (or audio), phone, or E-mail.  

Why online?

Some clients prefer the convenience of online sessions via phone or Skype from their home, either as an addition to person-to-person sessions or a primary alternative. 

E-mail therapy is another option. It can be an effective complement to therapy, or a primary option as well. It allows clients to set their own pace, take time to compose and reflect on their questions and responses. It can be used between weekly person-to-person sessions, to review session topics or assignments, or a way to keep notes and records for client's 'work.' Messages are usually answered within 24 hours. 



Payments are made 48 hours in advance by credit card or
Paypal below. There are three options for length of session: 1-hour, 1/2-hour or 2-hours. Use the drop down box below to choose the preferred appointment length.


Appointment Times




How Skype works:

Skype is a free application for online communications, and can be used for video or phone conferencing. Your computer may or may not have a built-in camera; if not, equipment may be purchased (under $100) at any store that carries computers. The application itself is a free download.

See the following link to learn more about Skype or to download Skype for free:

Online counseling is available on the following days of the week:

Mondays : 10 am EST to 6pm EST

Email for additional availability on evenings or weekends.


To schedule a phone or Skype session, please send an E-mail to set appointment.

Please note times are Eastern Standard Time. If you wish to check time zone match, check the tool on the following site:

Skype: dr.staik
Telephone: 703 973-6360
E-mail: or