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Hi, I’m Dr. Athena Staik, a life and relationship coach and consultant. In my work with individuals, couples and families. My passion is to inspire people to access the powerful reservoir of capabilities they have inside, to break free of programmed reactivity or addictive relating patterns, and, in the process, transform and live their dream life and relationships.

In my work and educational offerings, I emphasize the importance of relationships. I believe the quality of our lives, as individuals, is determined by the quality of our relationships. 

Relationships are our connection to life’s joys, meaning and purpose. Yet, they can also be sources of ongoing pain and frustration. The quality of your inner peace and happiness depends on having the skills to manage the two most stressful emotions, anger and fear, so that we may consciously nurture quality relations.  I have developed a relational approach to personal healing, Conscious-Love coaching, that allows individuals and couples to energize quantum shifts in the way they experience self and the other, and their relationship.

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