tree with light pouring through it


Hi, I’m Dr. Athena Staik. Thank you for visiting my website, a work in progress at this time as a few changes are in the works. 

In my work and educational offerings, my passion is to inspire people to access the powerful reservoir of capacities they each have inside, as human beings, to heal and free themselves of limiting past beliefs and learned reactivity, and in the process create their best life and relationships. 

Like you, millions are looking for happiness, healing and answers in building stronger mutually enriching relationships. We now have the evidence from the last two decades of studies of neuroscience, the brain and how intimate relationships work. These have given us powerful principles, methods and actions that, when faithfully applied, guarantee success not unlike mathematical formulas.

And there's more good news to share. You are wired, by nature, with an inner capacity to transform your experiences in life and make them a constant source of strength that informs your choices, energizes your creativity, and sustains your momentum throughout the course of your life. This ability to remain present, calm and confident is not dependent on outer circumstances, rather on your ability to manage the energies or hardwired emotional drives of your heart, as well as the two most challenging emotions of: fear and anger. 

 I call this inner capacity to empathically connect, in present moments, to yourself, others, and life around you … Conscious-Love Relating. 

I welcome your comments and questions. 

Best wishes, 

Dr. S.