Do the same behavior patterns or emotional issues hang around your personal life and couple relationship? Are family discussions predictably tense or reactive?

Hi, I’m Dr. Athena Staik, a life and relationship coach and consultant, practicing at my Woodbridge office in Northern Virginia. I work with individuals and couples and families. On this site you will find information about me, my services, and specialty areas, which include emotion regulation and relationship issues, addictive relating and infidelity issues, as well as other addictive patterns. I have developed an integrated model of working with individuals and their loved ones, Conscious-Love Relationship Transformations.

Are you looking to protect your family, children or your couple relationship from the damaging effects of toxic emotional reactivity, addictive relating patterns or other compulsions?

My work with individuals, couples and families is about how to we can use some of the most powerful human behavior principles available, along with proven interventions, neuroscience and the latest scientific findings about the brain, to breakthrough obstacles and create not only lasting change, but also live the best personal life and relationships possible. My passion is to lead clients to break free of defensive reactivity, compulsive behaviors or addictive relating patterns, and, in the process, awaken, transform and live their dream life and relationships.

Have you been worried about how to save your couple relationship or revitalize one weary from strained or nonexistent communications? Does your spouse resist your efforts to discuss or resolve issues, or, do you resist theirs, hoping problems will go away in time?  

In my work and educational offerings, I emphasize the importance of relationships. I believe the quality of our lives, as individuals, is determined by the quality of our relationships. Couple relationships are uniquely suited to foster personal growth and transformation. In my work and educational offerings, I emphasize and believe in the vital impact relationships have on the quality of our lives, as individuals. Couple relationships are uniquely suited as holding places, if you will, within which we engage in processes, often challenging ones, that promote our own as well as our partner’s healing, personal growth and well-being. The challenges are many, however. We need a compassionate way of relating that nurtures and strengthens our connections, that inspires our best efforts, and that acknowledges each person as uniquely valued.   

Do you want to learn more about how to heal and cultivate radiantly healthy relationships with your partner, children and other family members?  

Relationships are your connection to life’s joys, meaning and purpose. Yet, they can also be sources of ongoing pain and frustration. The quality of your inner peace and happiness depends on having the skills to manage your heart and emotions, so that you can consciously nurture quality relations.  I have developed a relational approach to personal healing, Conscious-Love™ Relationship Transformations that allows you and your partner, family member, or friend, to move beyond the traditional approaches to behavioral change to energize quantum shifts in the way you experience one another and your relationship within the healing processes of relating to self and the other.


For more information about conscious-love relationship transformations, neuroscience, or to schedule an appointment or workshop, contact me at [email protected], visit other areas on this website.   Consulations with Dr. Staik are also available online via FaceTime or Skype and so on. For more information, see option "Online Consulting" on Menu.


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