Breathe to Relax CD

Breathe to Relax Focus Energize

Breathe…to Relax, Focus, Energize:
A Basic Practice of Deep Breathing to Calm, Nourish and Center the Mind and Body


This CD is designed for the beginner and experienced partaker of deep breathing, or anyone who wants to develop their ability to, at will, achieve a calm state of mind and body relaxation, experience more vitality, or elevate their sense of presence and harmony in their relationships.


The complete program includes an introduction to the medical benefits of deep breathing, complete instructions, and four deeply relaxing breathing practice sessions. The first is a foundational of diaphragmatic or deep belly breathing. Then, a practice designed to help increase your focus and attention, and another practice to restore the energy supply and flow your body. The final practice is a full body relaxation practice, designed to release tension, as well as invigorate the entire body; it can provide the equivalent of several hours of sleep.

Enjoy the four deep breathing practices on this CD to:

· Relieve stress
· Increase mental clarity
· Relieve depression and anxiety
· Boost sense of well being
· Better manage emotions in conflict


Breathing is a powerful built-in capacity!
Begin a regular practice of deep breathing and access
the research proven benefits for yourself.

Price: $ 22.00