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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Staik, take the following 2 steps: 

Step 1 :

Use the below message box (or send an email to [email protected]) to indicate what days and times work best for you. Dr. Staik will respond with availability within 24 to 48 hours. 

Please note all appointments are scheduled Eastern Standard Time (EST), thank you.

Please protect your privacy. The form below is only for general questions or messages to Dr. Staik. Thank you.

Step 2:

Once an EST time and day are agreed upon in Step 1, please make payment via credit card or PayPal a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Thank you. 

Use the drop down box below to choose length of session. Note that all scheduled appointments are a minimum of 1 hour. The 1/2 hour option is to add 1/2 hour, i.e., to a 1-hour session. 
Session Length

     NOTE : 

To reschedule or cancel, there is a 48 hour in advance requirement to avoid paying full fee. (No exceptions; unless the appointment can be rescheduled within the next two days, based on availability). Thank you       for understanding.