The Lessons From Studies of Success

The Lessons From Studies of Success


April 11, 2023

A lot has been learned about the brain and behavior in the last three decades. With this, we’ve also gained a better understanding of success by studying people who have enjoyed extraordinary success.

Here are three important lessons we’ve gained from success studies.

1. Success does not create happiness on its own. 

The first lesson is that success does not create happiness; it is the other way around:. Happiness creates success. 

Success does not come from sources outside of you, such as a career or another person, a degree or promotion, or something you buy, car or house. As desirable and wonderful as these are, lasting success stems from what goes on inside you. 

It depends upon your mindset, a willingness to think thoughts that energize your body's physiology, and make you virtually unstoppable in sustaining the success you created.

Like happiness, success is an inside job.

Knowing how to feel good about yourself and life also protects your health and happiness from life challenges. 

2. Fulfillment in career is linked to balancing work and relationships.

A second lesson learned from studies of success is that fulfillment comes from balancing the demands of work and home in terms of key relationships.

If your focus at work leads you to ignore your key relationships, you may find your sense of fulfillment at work dwindling. 

This is because you are hardwired to meaningfully connect, and engage in the most challenging human endeavor, and that is building relationships with others that support you to thrive.

3. You are fully equipped, from within, to succeed.

The third lesson is that you are completely in charge of the extent of your success

In other words, it depends on how much you want to succeed, or how narrowly or broadly you define success, and how much effort are you willing to exert. 

This lesson invites you to ask three questions: First, specifically what do you want? Second, why do you want what you want, your reasons or driving purpose? And, third, what are you willing to do to realize what you want?

That’s a formula for success.

You likely haven’t met a person who does not want financial prosperity, great relationships or a healthy and fit body. It is not enough to just want something, however. You need a clear vision. Once you have this, you need a strong, driving purpose to energize your momentum. Your passion is what will sustain your enthusiasm in spite of any obstacles along the way.

The exciting news for those who think they have little or wavering passion for realizing what they want is that studies say: No problem! You can shift to a positive physio-emotional state, providing you're willing to work on your attitude and mindset.

You want passion?  Momentum? A drive for action? You can have it, easily and elegantly. Begin now to get a clear picture of what you want, why you want it, ensure your beliefs support you to realize your dream, and know you’re willing to make it happen.